Recreational Climbs

Recreational Climbs are offered through local park & recreation departments, held at local parks, and open to the public.  Climbers register as individuals, and each event has a maximum capacity.

Registration is handled directly with the host organization.  For these events, the climbing tree and area are set up prior to the event. 

Participants are given instructions as a group, then fitted into gear and put on a rope individually.  

Recreational Climbs have scheduled start and stop times.  Participants can continue to climb under facilitation until the scheduled end of the event, with the goal of having all climbers returned to ground and off rope at the end time.

Group Climbs

Group climbs can be catered to your group's needs.  Climb a tree in your own backyard or meet us at a neighborhood park.

Want to incorporate tree climbing into a Scout program?  Tuck has over 20 years of experience leading boys and girls in meeting their badge requirements.  

Have a tree loving kid?  Give them a birthday to remember with a climb in their own backyard.  

Group climbs are perfect team building experiences for corporate teams.